Serendipitous- Allowing good things to happen in your life.

And that's it- That's what Serendipitous is all about. A daily reminder to be happy, and a little help to get there.


Serendipitous jewelry started as a hobby. One day, I (Sarah) decided that I was going to try my hand at jewelry making. And so I did- and fell in love with it. And I loved it so much that it got too expensive to keep up as a hobby, so I decided to start sharing the pieces that I make with others. That's how my first jewelry business started called Designs by Sarah.

Designs by Sarah was a very small online business. I would post pieces mostly for friends and family to see, and then when I had enough inventory built up I would participate in craft shows to get some money for more supplies. And it was perfect at the time.

Flash back to last summer, when I discovered doTERRA essential oils. And I fell in love again. I'm currently a student at Western University, and the oils have helped me manage stress and studying in so many ways. I started incorporating lava beads into my jewelry so that I could carry the oils around with me during the day, and other people started seeing this and wanting some too! And that's how Serendipitous started- my style had evolved from Designs by Sarah, and now, rather than focussing on just making some extra money to pay for some more beads, I was on a mission to help people.

Aromatherapy jewelry has helped so many people in their everyday lives. People apply lavender to manage anxiety, use citrus blends to give them some extra energy on lazy days, or apply peppermint to help with their headaches. The more stories that I hear, the more dedicated I am to providing these products to the people who really need them.

So I hope that my products can help make your day a little bit easier, and allow for a few more minutes of happiness in your life.

Now go and find your happy.

With love,