Essential Oils

Learn all about the amazing benefits of doTERRA essential oils here- the safest, most pure, and most effective essential oils on the market! 

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are the aromatic compounds of the plant- that is, what gives plants their scent. When you rub herbs together in your fingers, the scent they leave behind are the plants essential oils. These oils do not only benefit plants, but give so many benefits to us humans, too.

Why Essential Oils

Too many products these days contain the words "fragrance" or "synthetic scents" in their ingredient lists these days. While only listed as a single ingredient, fragrance oils themselves are often made up of THOUSANDS of ingredients! Seriously- you don't actually know what is in your products anymore. And that's kind of a big deal. Essential oils are a natural alternative to the synthetic, unknown, and often harmful ingredients found in fragrance oil. Learn more about the danger of synthetic fragrances here:

Essential oils create an all natural alternative to everyday harmful products. They allow us to take our health into our own hands, and allow us to live a better, healthier lifestyle

Essential Oil Benefits

Well- there are too many benefits to list! Most of the benefits lie in the activation of the brain's limbic system, which is responsible for emotions, memory, motivation, and learning

Emotions: My favourite benefit of essential oils is their ability to influence your emotions. Having a stressful day at work? Smell some Balance essential oil blend. Trouble falling asleep? Make your eyelids droopy with some lavender. Need an afternoon pick-me-up? Try diffusing some peppermint or citrus oils for a quick energy booster! The effects of essential oils on your emotions are incredible, and are backed up by peer reviewed, scientific findings.

Memory: Another great benefit of essential oils is improving your memory. As a student, memorization is a huge part of my day to day life! A great tip is to diffuse the same scent while studying and then bring it with you into the test; this is where having a piece of aromatherapy jewelry works wonders. Specific scents, such as rosemary, are able to trigger the area of your limbic system responsible for memory and can help improve memory loss. 

Motivation: We all need a little motivation from time to time! Putting some fun blends into your diffuser can turn your couch-lock into a productive day. 

Sleep: Another one of my favourite benefits of essential oils. Too many people suffer from sleeping problems at some point in their lives. Essential oils have the ability to deeply relax you, making it easier to fall into sleep. A great tip is adding a drop of lavender into some herbal tea before bed, or taking a bath with epsom salts and Serenity essential oil blend before bed.

This is just a short list of benefits- the list of uses goes on and on! Check out my blog for some more essential oil DIY's and to get a look of how you can live your life a little more naturally.

doTERRA Essential Oils

There is a reason that doTERRA is the largest company in the world for essential oils. While bigger isn't always better, doTERRA's market is all about finding the safest and purest essential oils on the market, to which doTERRA rises to the occasion. Here are a few reasons why doTERRA oils are my oils of choice:

Purity: doTERRA Essential Oils are the safest, most pure essential oils on the market. While most companies use around 3 testing methods (if any) to determine the quality of their oils, doTERRA uses FIVE, with three of them being from non-partisan third party organizations. 

doTERRA also strongly believes that plants grow best in their native habitats. I mean, what would you rather have- and orange grown in Florida, or an orange grown in my backyard here in Canada? The natural habitat of the plants give it optimal growing conditions, meaning that the plant will be it's healthiest in it's native lands. That is why doTERRA sources it's plants from their homeland- purity is number one, and the best way to get the best and the most pure oils is to start with growing the best plants themselves.

Helping Hands Organizations: doTERRA's Healing Hands charity is something that is close to my heart, and makes doTERRA a company that I truly love working with. The basis of the program is: asking their employees how they wish to be paid. This may be in cash, or it may be in nontraditional ways, such as building a hospital and providing full medical care to all employees, or creating training centres where individuals can gain skills in government certified areas such as agriculture and construction to help break the cycle of poverty. I could ramble on about it for AGES on here, but doTERRA tells its story best. Find out more on Helping Hands here:

How to Purchase

The easiest way to purchase doTERRA essential oils is to head to and click on the "shop" button at the top, and then follow the prompts! You will then need to choose what type of membership you wanted:

1. Retail Purchase: A one-time purchase of oils at full cost. This membership type is best for individuals who are only wanting to purchase one or two oils only once.

2. Wholesale Account: This membership is great for people who want to start a more natural lifestyle and will need to order their oils more frequently, but do not want to join the business side of things. It entails a $35 fee, but gives you wholesale pricing (25% off of retail prices!) and gives you 50-100% of your shipping costs back as points. It also enables you to set up a monthly order called an LRP (loyalty rewards program) that gives you up to 30% of your oil cost back in product points, but is not at all required.

3. Wellness Advocate: Becoming a Wellness Advocate is taking the first step towards starting your doTERRA business. It also has a $35 account fee, but gives you wholesale pricing, the option to set up an LRP order, and allows you to sell the oils to others and start making money off of oil sales.

Clear as mud? Shoot me an email at to get personal help on starting your oil journey, deciding which oils and account type are best for you, and getting one-on-one support in this new, exciting lifestyle!