Retail Locations

Ripley Artisans Shoppe

Now closed for the winter.

Ripley: the heart of agriculture and not much else. Except - a local artisans boutique! Stop by the Ripley Artisans Shoppe to get your hands on beautiful local made goods and home baked treats.


Surfsup Eco Shop

Life in Kincardine is like mini paradise all year round. With Lake Huron bordering the West side of the town, life revolves around outdoor adventures and lake living. Surfsup has created an amazing new business focused around this part of Kincardine. From surf/sup lessons to standup paddle board rentals, from eco friendly clothing to skateboards, the Surfsup Eco Shop has tapped into a unique niche. You'll find Serendipitous pieces there made with Lake Huron beach glass, nautical themes, and bright summer colours. If you're in the area, stop and shop at this amazing little store.


Dwell Urban Boutique

Classic, contemporary, and 100% supportive of local businesses, Dwell Urban Boutique puts a fashionable spin on handmade goods. If you're looking for a trendy gift or a treat for yourself, Dwell is Ingersoll's one stop shop for clothing, home decor, and of course accessories! Stop by to see Serendipitous pieces that are classic, delicate, and feminine.